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What we do

At Ingrid Frank Prosthetics, Inc. you will be evaluated for maximum fit, function, comfort and cosmesis. Our job isn't done until your device is designed to give you satisfactory confidence and improve your quality of life to the highest degree possible. Sometimes several fittings are required to achieve the the most comfortable, supportive and lightweight device. At our first meeting, we will explain each step of the process to you and answer all your questions completely. We are here to help you complete your rehabilitative experience with us in the most supportive, empathetic and compassionate way possible. Patient education is extremely important to us. Family members and close friends have a great interest in their loved ones' care and we are sensitive to that fact. We are always eager to include everyone concerned in the learning process.

We feature light-weight, state of the art prosthetics and orthotics and will work with you to create a customized solution specific to your needs. We specialize in "hard to fit" clients and will work with with you to face the challenges that come up, making every effort to restore your comfort, function, and mobility to its full potential.

Prosthetic Devices

Post-Operative Care

Educational information

Complimentary evaluations

Removable rigid dressingRemovable rigid dressingRemovable rigid dressing
Rigid removeable dressings

Stump shrinkers

Below Knee Prostheses

Ultra-light weight/thermoplastic constructionUltra-light weight/thermoplastic constructionUltra-light weight/thermoplastic constructionUltra-light weight/thermoplastic construction
Ultra-light weight/thermoplastic construction
Newest technology suspensionNewest technology suspensionNewest technology suspensionNewest technology suspensionNewest technology suspension
Newest technology suspension
High activity feetHigh activity feetHigh activity feetHigh activity feet
High activity feet

Above Knee Prostheses

Microprocessor kneesMicroprocessor knees
Microprocessor knees
Ultra-lightweight above-kneeUltra-lightweight above-knee
Ultra-lightweight construction
Flexible sockets
Flexible sockets

Computer aided socket design

Lifelike soft covers

Hydraulic-pneumatic safety knees

Dynamic response feet

Symes Prostheses

Canadian socket design

Expandable inner sockets

Energy storing alignable feet

Specialty Prostheses

Water/shower legs
Water/shower legs

Toe fillers

Custom and off the shelf compression garments

Mastectomy products

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