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The Process

The success and progress of your rehabilitation depends on the skill, knowledge, and caring attitude of your orthotist or prosthetist. Ingrid Frank Prosthetics, Inc. understands this and offers to be your “one on one” guide to meeting your needs.

We will include you in the process of designing and fabricating your device, listening to your needs and concerns. One way in which we can determine your goals and expectations will be to answer the following questions as we proceed:

These are many of the common concerns we will help you consider before beginning your care, and you no doubt will have more. Keep in mind that we will be aware of these concerns and work with you to achieve your desired results.

Your goals and expectations are as crucial to your rehabilitation as a correctly prescribed, fabricated, and fitted orthotic or prosthetic device.

In fact, we promise to keep in mind that YOU are the most important member of your rehabilitation team.

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