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About Ingrid Frank Prosthetics, Inc.

About us

Our Services

Free Consultation

As a potential prosthetic or orthotic user, we want you to feel confident and comfortable with your choice for care. We invite every patient to take advantage of a free evaluation at our facility. We will assess your particular situation and provide expert recommendations for fit, comfort or function of your prosthesis, brace or support. The free evaluation also provides an excellent opportunity for you to communicate your expectations and goals. Just call our office to make an appointment.

What to Expect

At your first appointment, the fitting process will be explained to you. It will vary depending on whether or not you are a first time wearer of an orthosis (or prosthesis), or if you have been using a device for years.

New clients can best be prepared for what lies ahead by speaking with one of our experts and by asking questions, voicing your concerns, and hearing our responses. We will listen to you and try to explain how the process works in your particular situation. This helps eliminate fears and provides reassurance that as you heal and begin your recovery, the steps we take along the way will prepare you for the rest of your life. We will spend as much time as it takes and we will stick with you as long as you need us to.

Please contact us to receive a free consultation so we can meet and explain the process to you and prepare you for what lies ahead. If you would like to speak to another individual who has been through what you have, we have patients willing to share their experiences and help you.

Office Location

Our offices are conveniently located close to Route 9 and 27 in Natick, and there is entrance level parking with barrier-free access. Parking is right at the door and there are no steps to negotiate. Wheelchairs, walkers, and a handicap-accessible restroom are available if needed.

Please see our directions page for instructions on how to get here, or call our office if you need further assistance.

Office Hours

Regular office hours are by appointment only, 9 to 5 from Monday through Friday. Evening and weekend appointments are available to accommodate working families. Nursing home, hospital, and home visits can be made to service the needs of those unable to travel. We can also coordinate visits with your physical therapist or at your doctor's office if requested. If we are unable to respond to your phone call during regular business hours, please leave us a message and we will return your call promptly. If you should find it necessary to contact a practitioner after the hours designated above, you can leave a message on our voice mail.

Mission Statement

Ingrid Frank Prosthetics, Inc. is devoted to the delivery of high-quality orthotic and prosthetic patient care. We strive to:

In business for more than 25 years, Ingrid Frank Prosthetics, Inc. is proud to bring you the best in prosthetic and orthotic care. Our expertise can help you regain your independence and pursue the activities that you love. We're here, close to home, bringing you the latest in innovative technologies, specialized training and superior care.

Statement of Quality of Care

Ingrid Frank Prosthetics, Inc. has been providing quality prosthetic and orthotic services to patients in Massachusetts since 1982. Our specialists furnish artificial limbs (prostheses), braces (orthoses), mastectomy products, compression hose, and other durable medical items by doctor's prescription, ensuring the most qualified and comprehensive services in the area.

In order to uphold our high standards, we...

Continuing education and off-site training allow us to offer a wide range of state-of-the-art products and services. Each custom-made device is fabricated under the direction of a qualified professional and is formulated for maximum fit, function, and comfort. These devices are all designed and engineered to provide safety and confidence, and to improve the overall quality of life of the user as much as possible. Each patient (and family representative if available) will be instructed in the proper use and care of his device. Please note that follow-up appointments and most adjustments are free of charge for up to one year. We will make every reasonable attempt to provide the personalized care you would expect from a professional with over thirty years experience in the field.

We take great pride in our training, knowledge and capabilities, and we want you to know that we are dedicated to providing quality health care. We can also assist your doctor in the formulation of any prescription or treatment plan if necessary.

Insurance and Billing Policies

We accept most insurance plans (Medicare, Mass Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Fallon, Harvard Pilgrim, United HealthCare, and Tufts, to name a few) and will complete claim forms if requested. We make every effort to keep the cost of your medical care reasonable. If you have health insurance, please note that this is an agreement between you and your carrier. You are ultimately responsible for the payment of your bill regardless of the type of coverage you have. We will gladly help you submit your claims to your insurance for prompt reimbursement.

We are always happy to discuss your particular insurance coverage and help you with any reimbursement as needed.

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