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Mastectomy Products

At Ingrid Frank Prosthetics, Inc. we are aware of the sensitivity required to help you feel comfortable in a difficult situation. We bring years of experience to your fitting and would like to demonstrate our commitment to providing you with the best products available.

One woman at a time, in the comfort and privacy of our office, we promise to listen to you, and strive to bring updated and state of the art post-surgery products to you, our customer.

We take special pride in providing products essential to the restoration of body image, taking into consideration your needs first and foremost.

What to Expect After Breast Cancer Surgery

About 4-6 weeks after breast surgery it will be time to schedule your first fitting. Women who have had a mastectomy should be able to wear a weighted prosthesis at this time since their incision should be healed. Women who experienced breast conserving surgery will also benefit from a post-mastectomy fitting as there are partial prostheses to help fill in the missing portion of their breast and provide symmetry.

The Fitting Process

The fitting will be conducted in a manner that offers the person being fitted complete privacy.

Who does the fitting?

We are specially trained to fit post-surgical bras and prostheses, including which products match best with different surgery types, and how to handle special circumstances. Ingrid Frank, C.P., CMF is a board certified prosthetist and a board certified mastectomy fitter, which is your assurance of quality care.

Medicare and most private insurance plans have coverage for breast prostheses and bras. If you are in doubt about your coverage, call the number on your insurance card and inquire. Some policies have network provider restrictions to consider that can influence coverage benefits. If your insurance carrier pays for breast cancer surgery, they are required by the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 to pay for restorative services as well. We are happy to assist you with obtaining the best benefits possible.

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